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The G-Star Engine

The G-Star Engine uses streaming sensor data from connected devices to give a full picture of a patient’s health

What are the benefits?


Uses very little compute power, can be done on the edge


Picks up on small signals to find changes earlier


You can always find out why an alert was given


Uses a patient or hospital’s own data, not historical datasets


Sensors can be added and dropped without retraining

How does it work?

Fusion point graphic 7-29-19.png

The G-Star Engine  merges multiple live-streams of sensor data into a single Fusion Point


This Fusion Point represents a patient at a single snapshot of time

Fusion Points are plotted on the G-Star Field every couple of minutes to monitor a patient’s health state

Statistical Process Control watches for irregularities and trends and sends an alert when a patient becomes unstable

MDS plot.png

Clinician can look at only one field that tracks the whole patient instead of separate dashboards

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